Team Information


All teams are required to arrive at the courts on time, at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time. This allows players to warm up and reduce the risk of injury. It also allows the coach to implement their game plan and substitutions.


  • All matches will be 4 quarters with a break at half time.
  • Matches will be timed from a central control. There is NO INJURY TIME.
  • The association requests that 1/4 and 3/4 time changes are quick with no parents or coaches allowed on the court at this time. Coaches may address any team issues at ½ time. The umpires can start the game without teams being ready and will do so if there is a delay.


  • No team may play with less than 5 players. One goal per minute penalty applies for a late start. At the end of the first quarter, if there are less than 5 players in attendance the match is considered forfeited and forfeit rules apply.
  • A player can only play in 2 matches in one day (one must be in their own registered team).
  • Unlimited subs to a maximum of 12 players per team per match.
  • Players cannot fill in for another club.
  • Players can play in a higher section but may not play down in a lower section.
  • Players may play 3 matches up but on the 4th match they must stay up in the next highest team in which they filled in. To qualify to play in a finals team, they must have played 4 games and a minimum of 10 quarters for that team.
  • A player playing up can only play up when the original team has less than 7 players available as named on their registration form.
  • Teams with 2 or more teams in one section may not cross players over to another team (loss of 4 points and ladder adjusted).
  • Loss of 4 points for a player not registered or for playing in a lower section and ladder adjusted.


  • The first named team is to provide a scorer and the second named team is to provide an observer. Either team can collect the score sheet prior to the game. Both scorers must stand in the centre of the court together and sign the score sheet at the end of the game.
  • The score is recorded on the official score sheet.
   IMPORTANT: Score sheets to be filled out correctly.
 SURNAME and FIRST NAME in full for each player eg BROWN, Jenny. 
Please note: score sheets not correctly filled out, one warning then fine of $20 will apply.
  • Please record if players play out of their section on back of scoresheet. If not a loss of 2 points will apply.
  • Loss of 2 points for any player playing up but not written on the back of score sheet.


  • Bad language, offensive behaviour and umpire abuse by players and supporters will not be tolerated. Team officials and umpires should request an Umpires’ Supervisor attend the court DURING THE GAME if there is a problem. Do not wait until the game is over. The Umpires’ Supervisor, after investigating the concerns, will decide what action, if any, shall be taken.
  • SDNA trains the umpires (mostly young girls and boys) and naturally they will not be perfect. If you have an issue, please discuss this with the umpire officials at the office or with a Hampton Hammers Committee Member. DO NOT approach the umpires at any time.


  • SDNA recognises that there can be occasions when it is impossible to field a team with sufficient players to take the court. In such cases a walkover is awarded to the other team – they are awarded 4 points and the score of 10 goals to nil as per SDNA by laws.
NOTICE GIVEN BY PRECEDING WEDNESDAY – a score of 10 goals to nil will be declared AND $20 fine.

  • TIMELY NOTICE NOT GIVEN - $45 fine plus a score of 10 goals to nil will also be declared.